George Gale

George Gale's zoo of colourful animal art arrives at Leabrooks Gallery on 7th April 2007 and remains there until the end of April. Lions, giraffes and zebras interpreted in a unique style - not quite from a child's picture book - disport themselves in a knowing manner against bright backgrounds. These are painting which will appeal to both the very young and the more experienced collector. Come and see for yourself, its all in the eye!!

George Gale was born in Nottingham in 1960 and enjoyed a happy family childhood in a small Nottinghamshire village. His father, Rex, worked at the famous Nottingham Raleigh bicycle factory and was a talented artist who inspired his son to follow a similar path. At school, George Gale’s only real interest was in art classes and it was a natural progression for him on leaving school to attend art college. On leaving college during the late 1970s, at the time of the miners’ strikes and the three-day working week, George Gale had no option but to put away his painting palette and find work, just as his father had done before him. From there he held many varied jobs including working for an airline, in a graphic design studio and as a multiplex cinema manager, to name but a few. In his heart, however, he never forgot his first love and now considers himself very fortunate to have spent the last ten years working as a freelance artist. His only regret is that his father never lived to see him realise his dream. George Gale’s art career ranges now from designing greetings cards to painting 20ft murals, but he concentrates particularly on his fine art animal creations.



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