Featured Artists

This page is updated regualy with new pieces from existing artists, and pieces from new featured artists. click the image for more details


Karen Williams

Gillian Woolley Swift
John Connolly
Janice Allen
Arwyn Quick
Debi Harcrourt Whiting
Lynn Smith
Little Red Jewellery
Dave Turner

Lynda Walker

Martin Sloman


Greg Howard


SLM aka

Sarah Lynn Mayhew


Chris Mannering


George Gale




Terence Marsden


Richard Thornton


Kat Davies

Lynn Presland


Pete Marsh

Elaine Thompson
Carol Barton-Jones
Craig Hand


Emily Garces


Tony Howell
Justin Nettleton
Ruth Gray
Isabelle Amante
Martin Davis


Philip Hearsey

John Rattigan Chas Wilby 


Susan Tracey


Kris Eggleston


Diana Alexanian

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